I loved working with Leanne to fill her website with beautiful photographs that represent her brand. She owns LB Me Creations and is a certified holistic life coach.

“I help heart-centred women gain clarity about what they really want, uncover & let go of what’s holding them back, heal their past, create inner peace & confidence, and move forward with a future they love. I work with women of all stages in life who are ready to commit to real change. “

Stunning imagery that accurately communicates your company’s personality and value is critical. On average, potential customers will spend no more than six or seven seconds on your website while browsing, unless there is something to hold their attention. Strong visual content is one of the key elements that can convert a casual browser into an interested viewer and a potential customer. Brochures, flyers, and posters also require the same level of imagery to capture the viewers attention, making them stop and take time to find out more about your company.

This is done by presenting a product or lifestyle in a way that creates the desire for further interaction with your company. That’s where I come in … working with you and your team to create exactly those images and exactly the right look and feel for your brand. Similarly, the correct images for your PR campaigns can turn a small story into a page grabber. I work with you to create impactful images that both satisfy the needs of the media while still communicating your core brand values and story.


Hi there. I’m Amanda Waschevski.


I help Creative Small Business Owners, Actors and Dancers be themselves in front a camera. Are you ready to put your best face forward?